Friday, 31 October 2014



The next stop on our adventure was to New Orleans. Here is my summary on the best places to eat, sleep, visit - oh and shop, obviously. 

Cafe Du Monde

A major tourist destination that everyone recommended we visited. It is a coffee shop on the edge of the French Quarter and they sell the famous Beignets which are fried pieces of dough covered in sugar. They make a huge mess when you eat them as the powdered sugar goes everywhere but they are SO delicious. It's worth a pit stop here when you are ready from a break from the French Quarter. We only stayed half hour but that is all you need there. It was baking hot while we were there so it was a good place to have a break from the sun. Oh and it's open 24 hours a day - madness!  {800 Decatur Street, New Orleans 70116}

{Cafe Du Monde // Me scoffing a Beignet}


This was probably the highlight of my entire trip. We went out on an airboat into the swamps and hung out with some alligators. We got to hold a baby alligator (I acted cool but was secretly a little bit terrified that it would try chew through my vintage Dior gold necklace- probably not the correct alligator attire) We were out on the water for a couple of hours and it was so beautiful. I would hugely recommend doing this. There are loads of different tours you can do it through and it costs roughly $60 per person for the excursion which included being picked up and dropped off in New Orleans. 


{Mr B and his baby alligator}


We had heard great things about this little secret restaurant so decided to pay a visit. THE. BEST. MAC. AND. CHEESE. EVER. It was about a 10 minute cab ride from the French Quarter, totally in the middle of a nowhere and a little hidden gem. You order at the bar and its super cheap. Sorry my image isn't all 'Instagram' but I was too focused on the food to spend time taking photos. {01 Mazant Street, New Orleans LA 70117}

{Mr B hanging out outside The Joint}

Some extra things worth doing in New Orleans

- We did a walking tour of the houses in the Garden District. The houses were INSANE. We visited Sandra Bullocks house and the house from Benjamin Button. {Free// Grab a map or do what we did a screen grab the online guide before you go and just wander the streets.}
- You can't beat a late night stroll around the French Quarter. The atmosphere, the music and the food are amazing. 
- Shopping!! Magazine Street had the best mix of stores. A really quirky street with cute cafes and brilliant vintage shops. It's a long road so just start at one end and work your way down. It's like being in Shoreditch, but a million degrees warmer and the people around you are wild. 


Benjamin Buttons famous stairs // The streets of New Orleans at night

{We stayed at Hilton Renaissance which was a perfect location and only a 2 minute walk from the French Quarter}

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Not strictly an up to date style diary.. but work is crazy, life gets in the way and I'm not fully accustomed to 'winter' clothes yet so I'm going to keep posting my holiday outfits until I get back into the swing of my daily outfit posts.

This is from when I spent the day on a boat in Lake Ontario- perhaps a little overdressed for a boat. It was my favourite kind of weather (I chat about the weather often don't I?!) Sunshine and a little chilly. I got the jumper in Old Navy. I haven't been in there in years but couldn't resist when I saw this in the window

. My little cheaters tip is to wear socks with open toes when you haven't had time for a pedi :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I love that dewy skin... why can't I ever get my skin to look like that???
Happy Wednesday... 63 days until Christmas!
Gem xoxo