Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Jeans: New Look // White frill top: New Look // Sleeveless jacket: Miss Guided // Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure thigh highs and all white are the most appropriate attire for a pregnant person because I can't bend over to zip up my shoes any more and I seem to have developed a skill for getting my food all over me when I eat - this whole pregnancy thing is so glamorous. 

I finally caved a couple of weeks ago and this outfit is actual real maternity attire courtesy of New Look. Comfort wise it wasn't that much different to wearing my normal clothes, the only difference being the jeans have an elastic waistband as opposed to me attaching my usual jeans with a hair bobble rather than buttoning them up (which is obviously impossible.) I've not got long to go and as I'm not a huge jeans wearer I think I will survive to the end of the pregnancy with my new fancy New Look white skinnies and a pair of ripped black ASOS maternity jeans. 

Happy middle of the week to you xoxo 

Friday, 22 May 2015


{T Shirt dress: Miss Guided // Shoes: Miss Guided}

Sometimes you just want to put on an oversized T-shirt, flat shoes and have really messy hair and it just feels really good.  These brogues have been really useful over the last few months- they are really sturdy and chunky, plus monochrome which is always a winner with me. 

I've had a busy work week which I now find utterly exhausting. I used to take for granted the most simple things- being on my knees packing and unpacking suitcases, putting on my own shoes never mind helping models put on their shoes, and getting through a whole day on my feet. Everything seems to be such a struggle and after I do the most simple thing it feels like I've run a marathon (not that I would actually know what that feels like...) I'm trying not to push myself but also hate the thought of not working because I would just get so bored. I'm glad it's close to the weekend and now that I'm fully in my third trimester (eekk) its time to get my ass in gear and sort out this massive list of things everyone is telling me I need to get before I have a baby. So if I can convince Mr B then we will spend this weekend building things, buying things and getting more in the zone for what is creeping up on us very very quickly. 

Enjoy the weekend xoxo

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


If I was ever to wear couture (I'm not sure what I would be wearing it to...) I would choose something embellished in gold and silver. In case you were wondering.

I love the simplicity of the tri-blend white t shirt with that mammoth silver neckalce - and I LOVE the shot of Beyonce and her baby in the OTT jewels.

Happy Wednesday