Friday, 3 July 2015


Trousers: Pretty Little Thing // Hat: Boohoo // Shoes: Birkenstock at ASOS // Denim shirt: ASOS

I can't imagine I will be doing many more outfit posts pre-baby as I'm at the stage this week where nothing fits. Like actually doesn't fit. I have a tantrum every time I get dressed because I want to just wear a massive oversized vest or walk around in my knickers and that's just not appropriate for the blog and I don't think too many people would be interested! This unbearable heat has made things ten times worse- I was getting into the swing of getting dressed before it decided to be 34 degrees and ruined everything.  I have a new found sympathy for people who give birth in summer! 

Sorry for being so moany.... Happy weekend to you xoxo 

Monday, 29 June 2015


Dress; Boohoo // Shoes: Nike // Hat: Boohoo // Sunglasses: Boohoo

I officially started maternity leave on Friday. I feel like it's the end of an era, with a little break in between and then it will be the start of a whole new chapter in life. I've worked for the past 10 years and at the most only taken time off for 10 day holidays, so to just not work for a few weeks is going to be the strangest feeling. I'm not good at doing nothing- but I think it's really important to fully switch off my mind (and oversized sweaty body) before the baby comes and the new chapter starts.

One of my favourite things to do is put on my 'out of office' on my emails when I go on holiday (I know, I sure know how to live!) but this time it feels weird and I'm a little scared to do it. What do I write?? - "See ya, I'm having a baby in the foreseeable future and don't know when I'll get back to you."

So my plan is to spend my days adding things to my 'saved items' on ASOS that I will hopefully be able to wear soon, laying on the couch watching terrible TV and waddling around in this unbearable heat. 

Have a good week xoxo 

Monday, 22 June 2015


Dress: Miss Guided // Leather jacket: Topshop // Shoes: Whistles at ASOS // Necklace: Chanel at Susan Caplan

Hello again Monday. Hope you had a good weekend. I had another weekend in a stretchy jersey dress of course. Time is ticking and this is my last week of work before maternity leave officially kicks in.

It's made me think about all the things I just can't wait for after the baby is born- a superficial list of course.

1. Camembert - really gooey camembert with chutney and great bread to dip.

2. Wearing 15 rings on 10 fingers again - the midwife told me that if I didn't take them all off around week 30 then they would have to cut them off me as my fingers would swell. I'm glad I took her advice as my hands now look like the Michelin Man. 

3. Champagne - I'm not a big drinker but I love love love champagne and can't wait to taste it again.

4. My beloved Moschino belt!!

5. Generally having a waist again (this may take while....)

6. Doing something ridiculous with my hair purely because I've not been allowed to for the last 9 months. What a rebel. I'm thinking it might involve bleach... 

7.. Getting those cute ASOS pieces that I've had in my saved items for so long.

8.. Lying on my belly. 

9. Wearing heels. 

10. Meeting the little babushka that has been dancing about in my belly (and choosing her outfits obvs)