Monday, 11 January 2016


Hello! Happy 2016. How the heck is it January 11th in 2016???

I've been laying low and really enjoying spending time with my babe. I've learnt a lot about myself in the process and I've worked out what is important to me and what I need to let go of as it's just not worth my energy. Let's just focus on the positives because no one needs to hear me moan today!

1. I can survive on a very very very little amount of sleep and still be a fairly nice person.
2. I can feed my baby with my boobs (how does this even happen???)
3. I, along with my superhero husband, have been responsible for keeping a tiny human being alive and we've done a fairly good job of it if I may say so myself.
4. My house is tidy, I get dressed each morning and I have at least 10 minutes of fresh air a day. These things might not be important to some people but to me, not being able to do these things was something that I had a fear about before I had the baby so to be able to do them makes me feel really good.

Ok enough baby chit chat (it's very consuming isn't it!) Here is what I wore to a wedding recently. The requiremements for an outfit these days are pretty steep - black so you can't see when my boobs leak (sexy!) Easy access so I can express half way through the day and high waisted so that odd line that appeared on my stomach during pregnancy is covered up. I loved this 2 piece from Lavish Alice. I added this silver drop lariat necklace from the new collection by Susan Caplan and my favourite Charlotte Olympia heels.

Do I win an award for being the whitest person in all of the land??

Friday, 13 November 2015


Hello! Me again... the one who promises to blog more but never actually does!

I don't know where the time has gone. Mondays turn into Tuesdays way too quickly and before I know it's Friday and I've worn the same shoes all week, only washed my hair once and not even bought one thing from ASOS.

I can't believe my wee baby is almost 4 months old! She's still being a very well behaved little babe. She loves wearing clashing prints and has (apart from a few blips) mastered sleeping through the night (although my doc told me not to tell anyone that as people will hate me.... but I'm kinda proud so feel like I should show off!) I'm not an expert at all and can only talk about what works for me but the main thing I've found that has helped is to get up and dressed every morning. It's amazing how brushing your teeth and putting on a bit of red lippy can make you feel. Yes, my days are now about 4 hours longer than they used to be due to the early wake up call, but at least I feel more human throughout these long days.

We went on our first family holiday a couple of weeks ago and it was the best adventure. It felt so good to have the sun on my face and to be in fresh air. I took 400 photos and drove my husband mad by saying that we had to film every moment of it because I want to show it to Belle when she is older. I find that in our 'social media generation' we sometimes get carried away and forget to be in the moment, but I'm also enjoying looking back at the videos we've made over the past few months.

Ok enough chit chat, I've got a baby to feed and a wardrobe to colour co-ordinate. I'll leave you with a few of my favourite things from the past month. 

It's a spray! An actual spray moisturiser! I'm the laziest person with no beauty regime. I've worn the same make up since I was about 12 (Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Rimmel mascara and a Mac blusher) and I never really take care of my skin. This product is genius. I do everything at supersonic speed so to be able to moisturise in 5 seconds with a spray is my kind of product.  

2. This little monkey. Nuff said. 

I've always been one to follow my gut instinct but when I had Belle I sometimes questioned myself as I knew nothing about babies (so much so that the midwife had to show me how to put a nappy on before we left hospital...oops) This book (which is actually written by my GP) kept me calm during those crazy all nighters and reassured me that if I continued to trust my instinct and remained calm it would all work out OK. And so far so good....

I recommend this book if you are a first time mama. It's full of facts, non judgemental and non fussy which is what you want when you've had no sleep and can't stop examining baby poo.

Nothing says 'new mama' like alligator print thigh highs! Love these boots... couldn't get my swollen legs in them throughout pregnancy so I've been over wearing them to make up for lost time. Surprisingly they are super comfortable and go with everything. 

Monday, 5 October 2015


Hello! Sorry these blog posts are so sporadic (does anyone else only use that word because of Clueless??) I'm going to try get back into the swing of things now so hopefully they will happen more often.

I thought I would share Belle's bedroom. It's been such a cathartic process putting her room together. When I was in the depths of my grim pregnancy and during my maternity leave I would often make trips to Ikea to pick up extra bits and bobs. Although Ikea is a lot of peoples idea of hell, I found something so easy about getting in the car, parking outside the door and waddling around on a quiet Wednesday morning. 

I love spending time in this room - it's very peaceful and I love the idea that so many memories will be formed in here and so many of Belle's firsts will happen here.  Oh and PS, yes it does resemble so many clothes I wear - monochrome with hints of colour and clashing prints!

So here you go - The room of Belle Sydney Breger.

 The polka dots are decals I found on Ebay. They are removable without damaging the paint so perfect for when I get bored of this wall. It took me forever to find a chest of drawers to fit exactly into that nook where a fireplace used to be. I eventually settled on a chest of drawers and some bright boxes to fill the space. 
The rug is Ikea and super super soft. 

I ordered the tassles from Hong Kong. Then realised I had only ordered enough for half the wall so had to wait another 3 weeks for the rest to arrive. I only drove my husband (AKA Mr.DIY) a little crazy when he was putting them up about the centre point being totally centred. The BB sign and the 'Hi' blanket are gifts from friends who got my subtle hints about no pink and my love for monochrome!

The cot is from Mamas and Papas and exactly what I wanted the room to be based around. 

My brother in law drew these pictures for Belle's room - they are my favourite things and it's very special that he made them. 

At the moment Belle is sleeping in a mini crib in our bedroom. She sleeps on something called a Cocoon A Baby which I don't stop raving about. It's a soft white mattress, like a nest, with a strap around her waist. It's made from memory foam and moulds into her body. Her head is raised slightly, and her bum and legs go over a foam bar. It's meant to reduce colic/reflux (she hasn't suffered from either) and the soft strap secures her so we don't ever need to worry about blankets going over her head or her rolling of it. I can't recommend it enough!

I had to pack away some of her clothes because the amount was ridiculous! So there are now storage boxes with the clothes that she has yet to grow into. Below are a few of my favourite pieces in her wardrobe...

My new favourite website - Mini Rodini. I think I check it as much as I check ASOS 'New In'

I mean, come on, baby Kenzo!

A lush little leopard outfit from Gap

Each time my mum comes to visit Belle she brings a piece of clothing that she has kept from when I was a wee girl. I actually remember this dress (I think I used to dress my dolls up in it!) The hanger is what my mums best friend gave my mum when I was born! I've started to put together things I will keep and give Belle's baby when she is older... 

She has more shoes than her dad....
My favourites are the Nike Air Forces Ones that match mine.

Thanks for reading - Happy Monday and check back!