Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day Four

Day Four:
I don't wear flat shoes often so you can tell when I am really tired as I don the flats... This is one of the 4 pairs of flats I own, out of the 100 odd pairs of shoes I own. (A healthy obsession)
Black Patent Boots: Dr Martens. Black leather skirt with gold studs: Topshop. Tartan waistcoat with bow neck: Topshop. Black and White checked heart print blazer: Topshop.

I used to do styling for Topshop so had a uniform allowance, hence a whole lot of my wardrobe being from Topppers. Funnily enough, I don't really shop there these days!

Thanks SO much for all the blog love... cant believe I've had over 700 views in the last couple of days. Still open to feedback so if there is anything you would change or like things to be clearer or if you don't think one blog post a day is enough etc then let me know via the comments section below or on twitter @GemmaRoseBreger.

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