Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Chit Chat

So I made an executive decision over the weekend that I was not going to post weekend outfits. It just means that Monday- Friday outfits will be exceptional, and if there has been any fun weekend outfit activity then I will do an extra post of Mondays. I just thought you might all get bored of my skull print romper suit that I sit on the couch and watch X Factor in every weekend!

Thanks so much for all the blog love, I can't believe how many people look at it on a daily basis. Please use the comment box below each post rather than commenting via Twitter/ Facebook and lets get a conversation going. I'd love to hear any feedback you have on how to improve or what else you would like to see. I'm happy to chat, and I am very nice so will try to reply to them all.


The obsessive fashion junkie xoxo

P.S How frigging amazels are these shoes!


  1. Those shoes are incredibly amazing! Where are they from? I love your blog, I think you are amazing at what you do and you entertain me continually with your outfits that we all wish we could get away with. Keep it coming! Now, lets see how nice you are and if you reply :)

  2. just when i had started to forget about how depressed i was at these shoes you have reminded me!!! i am now officially shoe-icidal again!

  3. The shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell... how totally amazing??!! Sadly sold out everywhere :( Come out of hiding all you anonymous folk...