Friday, 2 March 2012


Peacock lady print dress: Ebay. Leopard and elephant belt: Vintage furla. Leopard boots: ASOS. Faux diamond necklace: Vintage by Susan Caplan.  


  1. Hello, there!
    I met your friend Maxine at the frozen yogurt shop I work at (Sandy Springs, Georgia) a couple of nights ago. I asked her where she was from because I loved her accent. She told me London, and I proceeded to tell her about the intense desire I have to drop everything here in America and move there. I also told her that I'm a fashion design student. She then gave me one of the best compliments I've ever received. She said "Oh, yes, the fashion there is much different. It's much edgier. Yeah, you don't look like you dress very..." I chimed in to finish her sentence "...American! Haaa." "Yes! I don't mean that offensively!" She said. "Oh, no, I actually hear that quite often, and I'm so incredibly glad. Most people tell me I look and dress European, so I suppose that means I'm destined to live there at one point or another."

    So, anyway, I'm writing to tell you that although I don't have a blogspot account, I will continue to check in on yours from time to time. Maybe we can meet up in London one day soon!
    Keep up the great looks! :)


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story Deana... Maxine is so lovely for passing this on to you! If you 'Like' the Facebook page 'Wear Is It From' ( then you will get notified when the blog is updated, or follow me on Twitter @GemmaRoseBreger. Keep up the European outfits!