Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This is how I packed for my holidays...

Please don't judge me. I took ten pairs of shoes for a 2 week holiday. I said don't judge me... I made a decision and I was very happy with my decision. I wore 9 out of the 10 pairs (ironically, I wore all the heels majority of the time.) This is how I pack... I line it all up so it looks pretty and then eliminate (yes, it could have been much worse, there was originally 14 shoes and 11 bikinis.)

The pouches are all super organised, from top to bottom, toiletries, jewellery, hair things/nail varnish, make up. 

The suitcase was also super organised as we were moving around on our trip in South Africa so I like to know where everything is so I can get to it easily. The left hand side was tops, the right was bottoms and dresses are rolled down the middle. 

Unpacking was not so fun.... 

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