Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I couldn't possibly let this weekend go by without a quick mention. I am such a Royalist and this goes way beyond liking what Kate Middleton wears and fancying Prince Harry. I am a huge fan of HRH The Queenie and everything Royal. I was there walking the streets of London at Diana's funeral, I sat front row in Hyde Park for the Royal Wedding and I was propped up on a railing in Battersea Park watching the Floatilla go past on Sunday (huge thanks to Josh for sorting us out with very last minute tickets and waiting for us in the cold until we collected them!) I love the team spirit it brings out in London. I can't believe there were over a million people wandering the streets of London to get a glimpse of Queenie but I was proud to be a groupie and very proud to be British. 

The middle pic is my photo from Battersea Park, note the tiny white and red dots under the canopy. Yup, I practically touched the Queen. Kind of. 

The bottom pic is me on the tube on the way home wearing my red white and blue floral hair garland after we walked for HOURS. 

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