Tuesday, 12 June 2012



Boo my long weekend in Spain is almost over, and by the sounds of things at home, I won't be needing any of my bright summer clothes for a while. Shame. 

 Jumpsuit: Asos. Pink heels with good chains: Topshop (bought them about 5 years ago in black and pink because I loved them so much, then obviously forgot I owned them because haven't worn them in SO long) Leopard jacket: Nasty Gal

I bought the jacket off an American website called Nasty Gal. They have the BEST clothes but as soon as I see something I need it immediately so having to wait 3 weeks for this to arrive, then having to pay an extra £60 customs charge did not bode well with me and my new found shopping heaven. Lucky for Nasty Gal (I know they were concerned about not having a customer in me as I am sure they have heard about my outrageous shopping habits) the jacket in AMAZING. So AMAZING that I forgot all about the shipping time/customs charges and went straight back online and made a whole new imaginary shopping bag. Yay. 

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