Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Don't think I've talked enough about my love for Ebay on bloggy yet. I spend a whole lot of time searching, bidding and watching items on Ebay. I would like to think I have become a bit of a pro....Not sure if it's wise to let you in on a wee secret but sharing is caring- If you put your highest bid in at 30 seconds to go and then count down to 14 seconds before you press 'confirm' then no one else has a chance to outbid you, unless they have automatically put in a higher bid. It's a good way to not get out of control and keep letting your highest bid creep up. 

Print dress: Ebay. (Forgot how much I love the print, love the totally random lady that you can see in the middle image. )Faux diamante necklace: Susan Caplan Vintage. Leopard print platform boots: ASOS.  Belt: Moschino (obvs) Pink frill socks: Absolutely no idea where they are from... the bottom of the sock drawer?? Leather fringed jacket: Topshop. 


  1. Dress is a beaut! Abs x

  2. Love that dress, what a good find! I have never bought anything from eBay but sell stuff all the time. Best website in the universe. xx

    South Molton St Style