Monday, 2 July 2012


Went to a very lovely wedding last night at The Mayfair Hotel. Struggling slightly because I have 4 weddings in 6 weeks and obviously need a different outfit for each of them... anyone seen any good dresses???? OOops perhaps that my job to find the good dresses?!

Dress: Bought this dress when I was back home in Glasgow about 5 years ago from trashy shop Quiz (I love trash, can't you tell?!) I think it was about £20 and meant to be a halter neck beach dress but I have pulled it down lower to make more of a plunging neckline and used copious amounts of tit tape to hold me in. Shoes:  These are Topshop Unique that were so kindly gifted to me when I went to New York with Topshop to open the first US store a few years ago. They are so comfy, love the snakeskin platform. Furry skeleton bag: I bought this from Boohoo years ago and it one of the first things I bought online. Love how ratty it looks now! Peach glitter fringed cardi: H&M. Gold necklace: It's from my most fave vintage jewel company, Susan Caplan Vintage, and I borrowed it for the wedding... I have a funny feeling they won't be getting it back any time soon :)

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