Monday, 2 July 2012


River Island sale starts tomorrow and if you like getting up early / don't have work / are obsessed with shopping then get yourself down to your local River Island store as they are opening early and the first people into the stores will be given a special wrist band that entitles you to an extra 50% off the already marked down sale. That's 50% off things that are already 50% off!

Check the terms and conditions HERE as each store has a different amount of wrist bands to give out (Oxford Circus has 155, and other major stores have between 80-150 wristbands to give away.) Most stores will open at 8am, with a few exceptions (Glasgow 7am!) This is only happening tomorrow, July 3rd, and wristbands are only valid on that day. 

Good luck, hope you get a wristband... let me know your purchases by posting them on the Wear Is It From Facebook page HERE

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