Thursday, 16 August 2012


We went on a wee trip up to Manchester last weekend to celebrate our friends Ed & Sara's wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding in the countryside with a view of nothing apart from fields, farms and trees... absolute bliss. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Spindle!

It was the first of 3 weddings we have, three weeks in a row. Three weddings in a row requires a whole lot of planning. for me... as well as the brides obviously :) That's 3 whole different outfits. Here is outfit 1:

Red dress: This is from David Fielden as was my mum's dress that she wore when she was pregnant with me (almost 30 years ago!) Don't know how she even fit a pregger belly inside the dress because after the reception (mini hamburgers, yum!) I couldn't breathe as the boning in the dress was so tight. I love the giant bow on the back. Red floral jacket: H&M. Glitter platform heels: New Look. Red glitter bag: Topshop.

Stay tuned, wedding numero two is coming up on Sunday, this time in the 100 degree heat in Tel Aviv... can't blooming wait!


  1. Hey! I've been reading you're blog for a while and now I see that you are going to Tel-Aviv, where I live! Contact me at lookinfab at gmail dot com if you need any recommindations or if you wanna meet for some shopping :)) Have fun in Israel!!!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for getting in touch... I didn't get the chance to read this until I got home yesterday :( We had a great time... and the heat stopped me from getting too carried away with shopping but it's a great city! xo