Tuesday, 4 September 2012


For those who don't see my moaning on Twitter (sob sob sob) we moved house at the weekend. We bought it 3 years ago and knocked it all down and started from scratch to turn it into our dream first home that we moved into just before we got married, and I grew very attached to it. But onwards and upwards we must go. The sale went through must quicker than we thought it would so my whole life is now in a storage unit as we temporarily live with my mother until we find our new dream home. It was tough deciding which clothes come with me and what goes into storage. Turns out I'm not as attached to my wardrobe as I thought I was but I struggled big time saying bye to half my shoe collection....

A major thanks to our lovely friends/family (Louisa, Talia, Josephine, Chloe & Stuart) who helped us schlep everything down 4 flights of stairs whilst the moving men sat in their van smoking and drinking Red Bull. 

Denim american flag shorts: Pop Couture. White T: H&M. American flag shoes: Converse. 

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  1. oh no...saying goodbye to clothes...and SHOES...How awful for you.