Monday, 9 September 2013



Asjhdfjghghjhjsdfdfsdf  I frigging LOVE this suitcase :) I bought the matching vanity case too but seeing as we only ever fly EasyJet  and they have a silly only '1 hand luggage allowed' rule, I never get to use it. 

I travelled in these heels, got delayed at the airport.... ended up being stuck in Luton Airport in silly heels for HOURS because I had to prove a point to my husband that I wasn't bringing too many heels and could fit them all in my case. Except I couldn't fit them all in my case. Oops.

Jeans: Own The Runway // T shirt: Ebay // Heels: Primark // Belt: Ebay // Hoodie: H&M // Denim shirt: H&M // Suitcase: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

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