Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa

We were lucky enough to spend the night in the Treehouses at Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa. The only way of expressing how amazing this place is, is to compare it to the water villas we stayed at in the Maldives for our honeymoon. Except, instead of having water below our treehouse, there was woodland, and instead of blazing sunshine, it was mighty cold. And instead of stingrays, there were horses. But you get the gist.... it was out of this world.

I don't often escape London for somewhere in the UK. I'm all for jumping on a plane and flying somewhere hot for the weekend, but my trip last weekend has totally changed my mind and made me realise how beautiful the UK is.

We left London on Sunday afternoon, drove for 2 hours and arrived in heaven. As soon as we go out the car we were greeted by reception, who gave us a quick tour of the hotel and then whisked us off in a fancy golf cart to our treehouse. By treehouse, I don't mean that you climb some rickety rope steps up a tree.. I mean we walked down a glamourous walkway, swiped our key card, opened the glass door and then entered our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cosy treehouse with hot tub on our private balcony.

We were given a thorough guided tour, from teaching us how to use the tablet to order our meals, to the hot tub, to the sound system and the 3 TV's - one in the bathroom, (I'm a huge TV junkie, a tv beside the bath is my dream) one in lounge and one in the bedroom. Once our tour guide left, we felt like kids in a candy store... exploring everything. There were a little flight of stairs that doubled up as a book case full of books, that took you up into the loft and second bedroom, which had board games and a playstation (much to my husbands delight.)

We are particularly rock and roll (or not!) so were super excited to stay indoors all night and watch 'X Factor' and then 'I'm a Celebrity.' We ordered our meal from the tablet, then settled in on the couch in front of the fireplace. After dinner (I had pizza, really yummy. He had lasagna, very tasty although the serving was a little small, but more so because he eats like a beast, rather than the portion being too small!) we helped ourselves to the freshest herbal teas and a selection of chocolates and nibbles that had been left in the fridge for us.

After one of the best sleeps of my life, on one of the comfiest beds I've ever slept on, we woke up and opened the bedroom curtains to the loveliest view of the New Forest. After collecting and gorging our way through our picnic hamper full of breakefast (juices, smoked salmon, fresh croissants, jams, fruit salads, muesli and yoghurts) we had a dip in the hot tub. Probably the best way I've ever spent a Monday  morning... 

We then had a massage in our bedroom that lasted an hour and a half. I'm weirdly not a huge fan of massages... I don't like people getting all up in my space... is that weird?!! Mr B is a huge fan so I thought I'd give it a go... couldn't let him try it out all by himself now could I? It was FANTASTIC... I didn't think it was possible to feel even more relaxed (after the long sleep, the hot tub, the fresh air blah blah blah) but it turns out it was possible!!

We then had to sadly check out but decided to drive 5 minutes to the cliff tops and go for a walk along the sea front. HEAVEN.

I can't recommend Chewton Glen enough. The staff, the surroundings, the service, the sea.... I can't fault anything. If you need an escape you  must go, because in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, sometimes you just need to 'Breathe and reboot.' and Chewton Glen helps you do exactly that.

Huge thanks to Angela and the team at Chewton Glen for our stay.... I'm planning on making it a monthly visit :)

The main reception and hotel entrance


We ordered our meals from the Samsung tablet. They arrived through a hatch in a picnic hamper so there was no face to face interaction with the staff and it could all sit in the hamper until you were ready to eat. 

Better than our average Monday morning, chilling on the balcony and hot tub in the fresh air. // The attention to detail was amazing: Fresh teas, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and the fancy golf buggy that chauffeured us wherever we liked. 

The lounge and bathroom

A breakfast hamper in bed overlooking the New Forest. 

The stairs /bookcase up to the loft room // The hatch in the cupboard where the hamper came through

The long and winding road... view from the golf buggy // Me and Mr B (who will be mortified to know he appeared on the blog!!)

What I wore when I visited heaven....

Sequin trousers: Very // Jumper: H&M // Boots: Dr Marten // Hat: Primark // Coat: Primark


  1. Ah bless Mr B for potentially being mortified, you two make a fantastic looking couple if I do say so myself!

    You lucky thing staying in the tree houses at Chewton Glen, I've heard so many things about this dreamy pods in the sky so it's fantastic to hear about your experience. Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend!


  2. Oh golly!
    this place looks Amazing.
    Thanks again for sharing this.
    I will most certainly be booking,