Friday, 22 November 2013


So we had a massive house party last weekend. My husband turned 30 and we've just finished doing up our new house so thought, 'Let's get everyone over and ruin all our hard work!' Things got a little out of control, I ended up hoovering at 4am and still can't spend too long in my kitchen as the smell of tequila is so strong.

It's funny choosing an outfit for a party in your own house.... I enjoy dressing up, but also enjoy just sitting in my onesie in my house. Once I vetoed the onesie idea I went on the hunt for a party dress and came across this little bad boy from Lashes of London. I don't really normally do the 'really short, really tight, exposed dress' thing but thought that I'm not going to be young forever so might as well do it while I can!! I actually wore this dress back to front... the hearts are meant to go down your back and it's just plain black on the front. 
Check out the Lashes of London website, they have such a cute collection!

Dress: Lashes of London // Heels: ASOS // Jacket: Primark


  1. You look lovely! It is funny getting dressed up for a party at your own house isn't it? Doesn't feel natural! xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

    1. Aw thank you Sarah!! It is really strange..... but I quite enjoyed it!!

  2. Stunning dress!
    You look amazing. Hope you have recovered from the aftermath of your party.
    Can I be invited next time?