Friday, 29 November 2013



Last weekend we went on a big adventure. As you know (because I think I've talked about it enough on social media) it was my husbands 30th birthday. And somehow, his parents, brother and I managed to plan a surprise weekend in New York . I actually don't know how we kept it a surprise. By we, I mean me. It's been planned for months and I can't believe I didn't accidentally Tweet / sleep talk / blurt it out as I was SO excited.

I woke him up last Thursday at 6am, told him he wasn't going to work (I'd spoken with his work and booked the days off for him) and that there was a surprise and he had to get up and dressed. He was so confused, he thought I was winding him up so went back under the covers and told me to be quiet. Eventually I managed to convince him that I was being serious, I had packed his case and he was going to the airport and would be back early Monday.  I think he was in shock for the first couple of hours of Thursday and it wasn't until we were actually all on the plane that he properly realised what was happening.

We had a really great trip... we stayed at the Giraffe Hotel which I would hugely recommend to anyone going. It is located on 26th and Park Avenue South, about a 5 minute walk from Union Square.  When researching hotels for our trip the most important thing was location and this hotel was perfect... near enough to walk South to Soho, and close enough to walk North to Times Square. The hotel was comfy, warm and cosy with the loveliest finishing touches. They served complimentary snacks 24/7 in the Grand Lobby so every time we came back from our adventures stomping around NYC there were snacks waiting....teas and coffees, cheeses and crackers plus delicious cakes and muffins. Breakfast was included and everything was so fresh and yummy which was perfect to line our stomachs before we ventured out into the cold. The bed was ginormous and super comfy... and best of all, our room had a balcony. I love people watching, but people watching in NYC takes it to a whole different level so I really enjoyed watching the world go by from the balcony. 

Thanks so much to Jayla and the team at Giraffe who were super helpful, especially with my mother in laws 5000 questions about where to eat, where to go and what the weather was going to be like! We really really enjoyed our trip and the hotel made everything so much easier. 


P.S That's not me in the last picture... I don't have a dog and I most certainly wouldn't wear those shoes :) I just had to take a pic as I thought the candles outside the door were a lovely touch, especially when you were coming in from the -5 degree chilly weather. 

FYI, It's my 30th soon... and I REALLY want to go to Vegas. 

You can see more pics/videos from the trip on my Instagram HERE.

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