Monday, 16 December 2013


I borrowed the dog because she matched my outfit.

I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Calm down...
She is called Sophie and she belongs to my friend Debbie. It's funny how pets look like their owners, both pretty blondes ♥  (I'm going to get killed for putting that last pic up, sorry Debs) Sophie is the only dog I like... I'm not a pet person... unless you could have giraffes as pets. Then I would become a pet person.

Anyways... I'm going slightly off subject.
I tweeted these boots a little while ago and they had lots of interest. They we very kindly sent to me from Daniel Footwear who sell a range of designer shoes and bags, plus their own brand collection. The Daniels brand has an amazing selection of winter boots, including chelsea boots, over the knee boots and biker boots. Check them all out HERE, I dare you not to want at least 3 pairs! 

Leather playsuit: Vintage // Shaggy jacket: Boohoo // Striped poloneck: H&M // Suede over knee: Daniel Footwear // Beanie: American Apparel // Belt: Moschino // Taken necklace: A gift from my husband // Gun & Giraffe necklace: Market in Brooklyn

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