Monday, 24 February 2014


One of my favourite 'hobbies' is online shopping. As I shop full time for my job, when it comes to shopping for my personal wardrobe I find nothing more stressful than going into a store and trying things on. I get such pleasure out of coming home to packages, trying them on in my own home, in front of my own mirror and with all my shoes by my side so I can decide if it's worth keeping an outfits. I recently came across Pretty Little Thing and have added it to my list of online stores I check regularly. I was sent out these shoes, and I'm head over heels for them so much so that they made me edit my 'black boots' section and get rid of 4 pairs.  They are super comfy and have excellent grip for clumsy people like me who trip all the time ♥

Dress: Topshop // Boots: Pretty Little Thing // Coat: Primark // Bag: Alexander Wang // Shirt: ASOS // Bowtie: TM Lewin 

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  1. That pink coat looks amazing! I'd probably not be brave enough to wear it being such a black / grey / navy blue fiend.
    Great outfit xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog