Friday, 14 February 2014


So much to talk about. Let's start with the denim. The jeans are from Own The Runway and they win the official award for the best jeans I've ever ever ever worn! They fit like a dream, don't stretch out, are super comfy and less than £30. Check out the other goodies on Own The Runway, all cheap as chips and pretty cool. 

Next up is the bag. It was a Christmas present from my Dad (Despite him being pretty cool, I chose it myself!) It's Alexander Wang and it's always a risk getting white pieces but it's still very white - even though I have heart palpitations whenever it comes on the tube with me. 

The shoes are Senso. I moan about my struggle with flat shoes often, but was excited when these went down in the ASOS sale. My first day in them left me with hacked up bloody feet but they must've need a wee stretch because they are really comfy now.

Jeans: Own The Runway // T Shirt: ASOS // Coat: H&M // Bag: Alexander Wang // Shoes: Senso at ASOS // Hat: Primark

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