Monday, 24 March 2014


I had a major wardrobe clear out last week. Everything is now even more organised (which makes my OCD self very happy) but in the process I discovered things I forgot I owned and moved them all to the top of the neatly organised piles of clothes and decided I had to wear them asap or ditch them. These shoes and this lace bodysuit are 2 pieces that fall into that category. They are both from my Topshop styling days. We used to get a clothing allowance as we were supposed to always wear Topshop, so for about 4 years my whole wardrobe barely had anything but Topshop in it. I'm sad these shoes are balding over the toes, I'm going to try and get a gold toe-cap put on them as I couldn't bear to part with them. 

I'm a little scared of that super close up shot of my face. I've never been a make up junkie (and don't really understand how to do make-up which is bizarre as I watch make-up artists almost daily put a face on someone on shoots) but I like how lipstick makes you look like you made an effort when it only actually takes 2 seconds.

Trousers: H&M (mens) // Lace top: Topshop // Denim shirt: H&M // Belt: Moschino // Heels: Topshop 

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