Friday, 28 March 2014


A little 70's inspired outfit. So hard to wear flares and not look like you stepped off the movie 'Almost Famous.' I obviously don't help it by wearing the hat, giant sunnies and fringing :)

I got the trousers in Forever 21 about 4 years ago. I re-discovered them when I did my wardrobe clear out last week and think they might be new favourites. They are jersey but also that annoying length that means only 1 pair of shoes goes with them (super comfy tan chelsea boots.) I think I'm possibly also slightly over wearing this hat. I went for a cycle in it and almost caused a terrible accident when it flew off my head and I threw the bike down to go and rescue the hat (obviously I now wear a helmet, but it's a super ugly helmet... anyone seen any cool bike helmets?!)

Trousers: Forever 21 // Jacket: Miss Guided // Bag: Chanel // Hat: Topshop // Sunglasses: Prada Baroque

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