Monday, 23 June 2014


I have been wearing a whole lot of Primark recently. This dress was one of the first things I ever bought there and is YEARS old. I remember that it was floor length and I cut it. Wish it was still floor length...

One of my favourite personal shoppers at Topshop has these boots and I was so jealous every time I saw them on her. I used to religiously check Ebay for them but couldn't ever find a pair for less than £200 (I mean, come on, it's still only Topshop!) Until my personal shopper friend told me of someone she knew who had a pair they'd never worn so I bought them off her. Now I don't love them as much as I thought I would... funny how you want something so badly, and then when you get it they aren't as great?! Any takers? I'll sell them for a decent price :)

Got all my hair chopped off... freaked out a little so had to cover it with a hat until I work out what to do with it.

Dress: Primark // Jacket: Joyrich // Boots: Topshop // Cap: Topshop

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