Friday, 5 September 2014


I'm starting something new on Wear Is It From. Fridays will be dedicated to my must have items of the week. It will be bits and bobs I've seen/ tested/ smelt/ worn and loved so much that I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy them.

Gemma xoxo 

I've worn the same make up since I was 14. No seriously, Rimmel mascara, Rimmel eyeliner and a Mac blusher. Considering I spend most of my time on shoots with very talented make up artists, I haven't learnt that much as I haven't paid any attention to it but recently decided that it's time to take better care of my face and my skin (as I approach the dreaded 3-0.) I don't really understand make up - I don't wear foundation purely because I don't understand. My friends were discussing primer the other day - what the heck is primer?!! 
So this is step 1 in my education - The thing I wear the most is liquid eyeliner and I've recently been introduced to Lord and Berry. My favourite is the Luxury Liner (bottom of image) as it has the finest nib which is perfect for a flick. 

{Lord and Berry 'Black Wardrobe' collection just launched in Selfridges}

Next up for todays 'Gem of the week' is Original & Mineral shampoo and conditioner. As with make up, I've never really been a hair person. Ever since I was young I've always wanted to spend my money on shoes rather than fancy products. 
I travel quite a lot and forever seem to be un-packing and re-packing a case so I keep my staple toiletries together. I love miniatures and as I've never been a product person, my toiletries bag never seems to take up much room. These Original & Mineral shampoo and conditioners are perfect. They have a little 'push' button on the lid so no leakages and they made my hair feel and smell divine. I used 'Maintain the Mane' which is Evening Primrose and Macadamia seed oils which cleanse your hair and scalp. Original & Mineral has only recently come to the UK from Australia and I hugely recommend you trying it out. 

Original & Mineral - Maintain the Mane is stocked at Selfridges and Net A Porter.

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