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The next stop on our adventure was to New Orleans. Here is my summary on the best places to eat, sleep, visit - oh and shop, obviously. 

Cafe Du Monde

A major tourist destination that everyone recommended we visited. It is a coffee shop on the edge of the French Quarter and they sell the famous Beignets which are fried pieces of dough covered in sugar. They make a huge mess when you eat them as the powdered sugar goes everywhere but they are SO delicious. It's worth a pit stop here when you are ready from a break from the French Quarter. We only stayed half hour but that is all you need there. It was baking hot while we were there so it was a good place to have a break from the sun. Oh and it's open 24 hours a day - madness!  {800 Decatur Street, New Orleans 70116}

{Cafe Du Monde // Me scoffing a Beignet}


This was probably the highlight of my entire trip. We went out on an airboat into the swamps and hung out with some alligators. We got to hold a baby alligator (I acted cool but was secretly a little bit terrified that it would try chew through my vintage Dior gold necklace- probably not the correct alligator attire) We were out on the water for a couple of hours and it was so beautiful. I would hugely recommend doing this. There are loads of different tours you can do it through and it costs roughly $60 per person for the excursion which included being picked up and dropped off in New Orleans. 


{Mr B and his baby alligator}


We had heard great things about this little secret restaurant so decided to pay a visit. THE. BEST. MAC. AND. CHEESE. EVER. It was about a 10 minute cab ride from the French Quarter, totally in the middle of a nowhere and a little hidden gem. You order at the bar and its super cheap. Sorry my image isn't all 'Instagram' but I was too focused on the food to spend time taking photos. {01 Mazant Street, New Orleans LA 70117}

{Mr B hanging out outside The Joint}

Some extra things worth doing in New Orleans

- We did a walking tour of the houses in the Garden District. The houses were INSANE. We visited Sandra Bullocks house and the house from Benjamin Button. {Free// Grab a map or do what we did a screen grab the online guide before you go and just wander the streets.}
- You can't beat a late night stroll around the French Quarter. The atmosphere, the music and the food are amazing. 
- Shopping!! Magazine Street had the best mix of stores. A really quirky street with cute cafes and brilliant vintage shops. It's a long road so just start at one end and work your way down. It's like being in Shoreditch, but a million degrees warmer and the people around you are wild. 


Benjamin Buttons famous stairs // The streets of New Orleans at night

{We stayed at Hilton Renaissance which was a perfect location and only a 2 minute walk from the French Quarter}

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