Monday, 20 October 2014


Last week I came home from an adventure. I travelled around Toronto, Charleston, Kiawah, New Orleans and Chicago. I thought I would fill you in on my trip, and show off a little about the amazing places we went to. 

First up was Toronto. I have family that live here and we always say we are going to visit them and never actually get around to doing it. We planned this trip meticulously as we wanted to incorporate as much as possible in quite a short space of time. These are my recommendations if you don't have much time. 

The CN Tower
Absolutely worth going up it. We went mid week at about 4pm so missed all the queues and were pretty much the only people up there. A very very very fast lift with a glass floor whizzes you to the top where you are met with the most spectacular view.  Toronto is such a beautiful city because of the mix of city, greenery and the very pretty blue Lake Ontario.
{301 Front Street West, Toronto, M5V 2T6}

{CN Tower from the street}

{The view from the top}

{CN Tower selfies}

St Lawrence Sunday Antique Market
We took a meander through this market on a Sunday morning. It's my new favourite market in the world - Ok, ok, slight exaggeration but I bought a baby Chanel for $20 so you can only imagine my excitement about the whole market. It had clothes, accessories, jewellery and antiques. It's not huge, you can easily get through the whole market in 1 hour. 
{92-95 Front Street East, Toronto M5E 1CE}

{The selection of vintage Louis Vuitton at St Lawrence market}

{I almost bought this tea set but then thought it wouldn't make it home without smashing- obviously I hugely regret not buying it now}

Soho House Toronto
We stopped for some lunch at Soho House. I totally take it for granted that when you sit on the roof at Shoreditch House in London you can see all over London. We went up to the roof at Soho House Toronto and we were all fascinated by how high the CN Tower was! I need to pay more attention to the sights of London. It was really peaceful, the food was delicious and it had a totally different vibe to London. {192 Adelaide Street West, Toronto M5H 0A4}

{The CN Tower from the roof of Soho House Toronto}

Niagara Falls
We hired a car and drove out to the falls. It took us about an hour and a half to get there but the drive was so enjoyable. The scenery was pretty and the sun was shining. When you first drive into Niagara it looks like Vegas. There are high rise hotels and the trashiest restaurants. I was so surprised... I expected it to be in the middle of the countryside. When you drive up into the car park you get a glimpse of the falls and they are magnificent!

{The drive to Niagara Falls}

{A rainbow over the falls}

Next up, Charleston & Kiawah....coming soon.


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