Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I've worked it out that all you need to fully breathe and reboot is a huge bath, a huge bed, a huge TV, no phone service and chocolate. We went on a little mid week escape last week to The Grove in Hertfordshire. It was heaven. It's only about 30 minutes drive from London, in Watford. My husband grew up in Watford, and although its lovely I would never associate it with peace and as a sanctuary!
As soon as you turn into the driveway for The Grove you totally forget that you are anywhere near London (and Watford) The driveway goes on for what feels like miles and is surrounded by lush greenery and the golf course.

We arrived after dinner and were checked in within a few minutes and were whisked up to our room. The bed was about twice the size of our king sized bed at home, and the TV took up the majority of a wall. I know I should at least try to act cool and pretend we wanted to sit at the bar all night but I was desperate to climb into bed and watch 'I'm a Celebrity.' (Best show on TV, right?!)

We headed to The Stables for a quick snack (I had a pizza, he had an excellent portion of fish and chips) and then we retired for the night.

The next morning we woke up and went for a buffet breakfast in The Glasshouse. Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day, but breakfasts on 'holiday' are always on another level. We feasted like you've never seen people feast before- chocolate croissants, waffles, porridge, bircher muesli, tea, hot chocolates and some fruit (him, not me... I'm not healthy at the best of times, never mind when there is are unlimited sweet breakfasts on offer.)  

After the feast Mr. B went off for a golf lesson (the best he's ever had he said) while I got on with some work and then we met at the spa for a day of relaxation. The best thing about the spa was that there was no phone signal! No Instagram, Twitter or emails for 3 hours. I wasn't sure how I would cope but I managed fairly well you'll be glad to know. We had the Essential Body Massage and it was divine.. not too hard, not too soft. The rest of the afternoon was spent switching between the hot tub, the pool and the sun loungers. 

After the spa we took a little wander around the grounds. They are immaculate and exquisite and it seemed like we were the only people there. 

Sadly we had to come back to reality but it's good to know that The Grove is only a short drive away in case of a relaxation emergency.

{The never ending driveway}

{The view from our room as the sun was rising}

{This is a 4 seater couch - just to put into perspective of how big the TV is.}

{The small but cosy bathroom}

{Our breakfast feast}

{Our breakfast feast part 2}

{I need to speak with my gardener about trimming our hedges into golf and tennis playing animals}

 {What I wore- 2 piece: Pretty Little Thing// Boots: Public Desire}

{The golf buggies lined up}

{The underground spa heaven, Sequoia}

{We were so lucky with the weather, clear blue sky and sunshine}

{The best shaped tree I've ever seen}

{The back garden}

{Have you ever seen such a pretty coloured tree!??}

{More of the back garden in the sunshine}

We stayed at The Grove Country Estate // Chandler's Cross // Hertfordshire // WD3 4TG

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