Friday, 30 January 2015


I've had a really really lovely week. I celebrated turning 30 on Tuesday- not sure I mentioned that :)

My husband outdid himself- we spent the day at Whipsnade Zoo on Monday (I have a huge obsession with animals- not boring animals like dogs but I would love a pet giraffe or rhino....) I then had my first flying lesson in a helipcopter on Tuesday and in the evening I thought I was going to see the Lion King at the theatre with just my husband but turned up at a pub 15 minutes before the show to find 20 of my closest friends and family and shouting 'Surprise.' After I got over the initial shock/ heart attack we all went to see Lion King together (as if on a massive school trip!) It was brilliant - and a sign of my age when my ideal night is to go to the theatre with a bunch of my friends and family to see a Disney show.

This is what  I wore during the week- shorts that I haven't worn since a really hot summers day but quite like them with tights- and my favourite 'Inspector Gadget' hat.

Shorts; Forever 21 // Jumper: Topshop // Shirt with bow: Miss Guided // Boots: Topshop 

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