Friday, 20 March 2015


Dungarees: ASOS // Shoes: ASOS // Leather jacket: Muubaa


So let's have a wee chat about going on holiday when your body expands daily. We booked a super last minute holiday last Tuesday to go stay somewhere lovely in the sunshine this coming Monday. I then spent a very traumatic Tuesday evening trying on a bagful of bikinis (do I actually own that many bikinis and were my boobs ever really that small??) After sitting in a huff for half an hour I found one and a half bikinis that are vaguely acceptable but I don't find it acceptable going away for 7 days and wearing the same one and half bikinis every day. I did the usual ASOS snoop which involves adding 74 bikini tops to my 'saved items' list and then found something wrong with 73 of them. I came close to this Melissa Odabash but then realised it was utterly absurd to spend £75 on something I will wear for a total of 36 hours of my life and then resent it forever as the 'ugly swimsuit I wore when I expanded in size daily.' So off I went to Next with my bestest friend Debbie (who gave birth 4 months ago and already looks banging in a swimsuit) to try on some ugly swimwear. It actually wasn't too traumatic an experience. I ended up leaving with this top to bring my 1 and a half bikinis up to 2. 

So I leave in 3 days and have 2 bikinis. Don't even get me started on what I'm going to wear the rest of the time with my pasty legs and swollen feet. 

In the midst of the 'bikini huff' my husband asked if we needed checked bags and I muttered something huffy about not fitting any clothes anyway so will wear the same thing everyday and I could do the 7 days with only hand luggage- I will keep you updated on what I think is one of the biggest mistakes I've possibly ever made... 

Love Gemma xoxo 


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