Monday, 16 March 2015


In case you don't follow me on social media, and think I suddenly just got quite fat I thought I'd do a little post on why none of my clothes fit me these days. I'm just over 5 months pregnant (no that isn't a bowling ball shoved under my T-shirt.) I felt funny mentioning it on here until now for a few reasons but mainly because I'm a fairly private person: although I regularly post images of my clothes, I didn't ever like to get too deep on this blog and from the start I wasn't so keen on this blog being about anything other than superficial things like the insides of my wardrobes, the places I go to on holiday and the products I like. When I first started this blog I used to only shoot outfits from neck down and cut my head off the images so people wouldn't know who I was!  I was anxious to mention it 'publicly' sooner than 5 months as you just don't know what could go wrong, but I think it will be a nice platform to document this roller-coaster ride from now on. 

We hear a lot about our 'social media generation,' and how it only ever focuses on the positive parts of our lives ("look at my fabulous holiday/handbag/ dog/ shoes") I'm quite content with it being that way, I enjoy finding inspiration from people showing off, and don't think there is a need to air your dirty laundry to the public. The only difference with now being pregnant is that it's not that easy to hide any more! So from now on I will be showing a little more of me and chatting about the journey- and lets all keep our fingers crossed that it's a smooth journey. 

So, with all that being said- let's focus on the important stuff:  Where the hell do people find good maternity clothes??? It's been a very bizarre process so far. I've had the same figure since I was about 17 and know exactly what suits my shape but now that is changing. The worst part of this process is that my Moschino belt has been moved to the back of my wardrobe as I haven't been able to buckle it up for about 6 weeks and I can't see it being worn for the forseable future. I used to wear high waisted clothes all the time (they made my legs look longer) and they are now a major no-go. So I have this wardrobe rammed full of clothes and I can't wear about 80% of it. I refuse to buy new clothes that I will only wear for 4 months of my life (I know, a perfect opportunity to shop and I can't bring myself to do it!) so I'm trying to be more creative with the things I already own. I have a new found love for leggings, extremely low rise jeans and body con dresses- all of which I have never really worn. Maternity clothes are just awful- even  my favourites like Topshop and ASOS don't seem to cater for people who really enjoy clothes and really enjoy fashion. 

So the first of my 'pregnant' outfits is what I wore on the weekend: A 2 piece from Boohoo. The trousers have an elasticated waist and the duster is long enough to cover my ever expanding bottom. 

I hope you enjoy this ride with me and if anyone knows of the secret maternity store where they sell half price Acne jeans with elasticated waistbands and Chanel nappy bags then please do let me know.

Love Gemma, 21 weeks xoxo 

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