Friday, 24 April 2015


Striped top and shorts: Heavenly Bump // Shoes: New Look // Jewellery: Susan Caplan 

This is officially my first outing in maternity clothing. I thought I would freak out about it but I handled it pretty well. It's been really hard to find anything remotely like something I would normally wear- for some reason brands think that pregnant people only like frumpy clothes. I've found that unless I'm wearing something that is a little fitted I look like the size of a house- which is quite a big wardrobe transition for me as I wasn't ever really someone who wore particularly tight clothes.

This 2 piece was sent to me from Heavenly Bump and was a perfect throw on for my holiday. The positive of wearing real maternity clothes are the comfort side of things (again, comfort has never been a priority when selecting an outfit, until now.) An elasticated waistband that doesn't start to pinch as the day goes on is probably what I should be going for....

The shoes are New Look. I only realised the other day that I made it to the 6 months mark and have only worn flat shoes the entire time. How ridiculous is that! I ventured out on the weekend in heels and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I envisioned I'd come home with Kim Kardashian feet but thank goodness it didn't happen. Another of my biggest fears when I first found out that I was pregnant (yes, a superficial fear) was that my feet would be too swollen or would go up a size and I wouldn't fit any of my pretty shoes. I know I still have time for that to happen, I hope talking abut it doesn't jinx it...

{Kim Kardashians pregnant swollen feet- I'd be in flip flops everyday if this happened to me}

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