Monday, 27 April 2015


Dungarees: Topshop // Leather jacket: Joyrich // Shoes: ASOS // Bag: Givenchy

Another pair of pregnancy friendly 'heels' that don't fall into my usual definition of what a heel is (at least 4 inches high,) but a flatform seems to be the way to go for me to get my usual extra height. I think these will be on my feet most of summer.

Dungarees seem to be my fail safe outfit choice at the moment. I get changed a million times in one day these days (the daily outfit choice either makes me look the size of a house/ is too small/ almost right but won't button up...) but seem to always end up back in dungarees. 

Next week the baby room gets painted so I've been Pinteresting as I feel like as soon as painting is finished (Stage 1) then the real things start to happen. I haven't even bought one piece of baby clothing - something about that level of commitment freaks me out. Maybe I'll save that for Stage 7... 

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  1. Looking fierce, Gemma! I love the gold and black color combo.