Thursday, 2 April 2015


Duster & Trousers: Pretty Little Thing // Air Force Ones: Nike // Bag: Givenchy

I wore this a couple of weeks ago before I went away. My belly looks pretty giant to me here, can't believe how much it's grown in the last week. The little munchkin inside me is pretty aggressive, or a really great dancer, and I'm entering into that 'no sleeping' phase of pregnancy which isn't so fun. I've always been a morning person so I really don't mind being awake from an early hour, it's just that I'm not the most fun company from about 5pm onwards. Any tips for a better nights sleep or should I just suck it up and stop moaning??

I've worn this two piece from Pretty Little Thing so often throughout the last few months (it was actually what I was wearing when I found out I was pregnant- I always remember what I'm wearing on important days!) It's really comfortable, looks good with flats and heels and covers my expanding bottom.

Happy Thursday and have a lovely long weekend.

Gemma xoxo 

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