Friday, 10 April 2015


We had always planned on spending the first 4 days of our Tenerife trip HERE and move to a different hotel for the last few days. Best. decision. ever. We spent a long weekend at the Royal Garden Villas and Spa and it's honestly one of the nicest places we've stayed in and I almost cried when we left (I'm hormonal, don't judge.)

We were dropped off in the taxi on the side of the main road next to these giant wooden doors, pressed the buzzer and entered into a little paradise that was hidden away and felt like we stepped into Bali. 

The service was spectacular, the grounds were so beautifully manicured, our villa was out of this world, the interiors were so tasteful and I'm running out of adjectives to describe how much I love this place!

There are 28 villas and we stayed in a 2 bedroom villa called Villa Habana which was bigger than my home in London. It was spread over 2 floors with a really comfy lounge, the hugest en-suite, a kitchen, A BLOOMING WASHING MACHINE, a private pool (I think I was more excited about the washing machine... I have problems) and a lovely view of the mountains.

There is a main pool in the hotel which was beautiful but we mainly used our private pool every day. 

{The main hotel pool}

{The main pool area with a shaded cabana}

{The lounge area in our villa}

{I really wanted to steal one of those chairs and bring them home but couldn't work out a subtle way to do it}

{Because everyone needs a window from their bedroom into the bathroom.}

{Our private hot tub on the balcony of our villa}

{That's a real life window - not a painting above the couch}

{Our private pool and choice of 6 sun loungers)

{The hotel spa}

We pretty much didn't leave the hotel for the entire 4 days as there was not really a need to. We're the kind of people who love an adventure and to explore while on holiday but sometimes you just need to sit and do nothing. We got room service a couple of nights and lay on the couch watching Scandal. Room service was more like an in-house dining experience where they arrived with our dinner on lovely trays, laid the dining table in our villa including candles and flowers and then came to collect it all a couple of hours later and it was as if it hadn't happened. Lunch was a similar approach- it was served to us while we sat by our private pool.  We ate breakfast at the buffet every morning in the hotel restaurant- it was like being in an Alladins cave. 

We ventured out of the hotel for a couple of nights. The nearest 'town' is La Caleta and was a good 25 minutes walk/ waddle from the hotel, or a 5 minute taxi ride. It's a really small village with about 10 restaurants and it's right on the coast. We had a really good feast at Rosso Sul Mare  but I recommend you booking it (crazy as it's in the middle of no where!) We tried to get in one night but there was a 45 minutes wait so booked for a table on the terrace overlooking the sea for another evening and ate the most delicious fresh pasta. 

{Day 1 lunch by the pool}

{Day 2 lunch by the pool- Mmm toastie and chips- this is nothing to do with being pregnant, I don't tend to have the healthiest diet...}

{Aren't these the best holiday biscuits? Why can't you buy them in Tesco...}

{The breakfast buffet}

{Waiting for my breakfast}

{One of the many lounging areas dotted around the hotel}

{The main pool area}

{My favourite shoes of the holiday from New Look}

{JB watching an early sunrise on our last morning}

The finishing touches, like a lemonade stand at the pool for whenever you got thirsty and a box full of DVDs at reception that you could take when you like for free, really made this place special (obviously the villa and private pool helped!) We will no doubt be back- less than a 4 hour flight from London and 30 degrees with sunshine while we were in the midst of our deep dark winter- I can't believe we didn't discover this little paradise sooner!

Royal Garden Villas and Spa - Calle Alcojora s/n, Costa Adeje, 38760 Tenerife, Spain.


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