Friday, 15 May 2015


Jumpsuit: Rare // Leather jacket: Muubaa // Bag: Topshop // Jewellery: Susan Caplan 

I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I resented buying a new outfit that I would only wear once so rummaged in my wardrobe and found this jumpsuit that I had never worn before and just so happened to have a good amount of stretch around the belly. I love a jumpsuit as you hardly need to think about the rest of the outfit. 

So we bought a buggy. It was such a huge commitment. I was in a flap in Mothercare because the buggy we wanted to get only came in really ugly colours (like teal....) and because there are just so many different things you need to get - what is the difference between a buggy, a pram, a stroller and a pushchair?? Why isn't there a 'create your own buggy' service? I feel like the motherhood industry thinks that as soon as you have a baby you are just a 'mum' and not really allowed to be your own person still. My main customising requirements for a buggy would be: A big enough space underneath so my Givenchy would fit without squashing the handles and for it to be a nice print (perhaps a faded leopard print...) Yes it's shallow, but whatever makes me feel better and feel more like myself right? Why shouldn't I feel like myself just because I'm going to be a mum?

Happy weekend... I promise I won't moan as much next week :)

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