Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Trousers, top and bomber jacket: Lily & Lionel // Shoes: ASOS // Necklace: Christian Dior at Susan Caplan

I just look like I've shoved a football under my top....

I've been on the hunt for different brands for some projects I've been working on and then remembered Lily & Lionel who I worked with last year. They had only been an accessories brand and have recently expanded to include clothing and swimwear (including the most perfect shape of bikini.) The prints are divine and this outfit I'm wearing is all silk which feels so lovely- especially when it's been slightly warmer outside. 

Throughout pregnancy I've begun to appreciate comfortable clothing more than before. I used to not flinch going out in jeans that were too tight but looked cute, or heels that pinched my feet. Oh to be that person again (I feel so old...) The struggle to find 'fashionable' clothes whilst my body expands has been a problem for me. I've learnt that everything must have an elasticated waistband (which eliminates half the high street) and while I'd always envisioned that I'd be a hippie preggo dancing about in floaty dresses and headpiececs, fitted clothes are so much more flattering one me. This outfit is my ideal outfit - elasticated waist trousers, a fitted top and a cute bomber that makes me feel a bit like my old self. 

Check out Lily and Lionel HERE- I think you'll love it. 

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