Monday, 11 May 2015


Culottes: H&M // Jacket: Topshop // Shoes: Nike at ASOS // Necklace: Susan Caplan // Vest: Topshop

My wee sister recently moved in to a new flat and I helped her unpack her wardrobe. I say 'helped' - I mean that I took some things out of a box and decided that I needed them more than her so made a 'Gemma' pile. These H&M culottes made the cut and she kindly passed them on to me. They were palazzo trousers that she had shortened and I totally copied her and took a bunch of my longer wide leg trousers with elastic waists that I can normally only wear with heels to the alterations man as I've decided to face facts that me and heels don't work any more and won't for the next couple of months. 

I've spent this past weekend thinking about the affect pregnancy has had on my life over the last 7 months. I've not had an easy ride but I'm well aware that people go through much worse. I was always aware that it's not always easy to fall pregnant, and that birth and actually bringing up a baby are not going to be easy but I've never been aware of how tough pregnancy can actually be. I won't bore you with the details but daily for over 6 months my day has involved being constantly nauseous, dizzy, fainting (the first time in the returns queue of Primark with about 60 people around me- that was fun), nose bleeds AND I discovered that my Moschino belt no longer fits. It's a lot for one person to go through.....

 As fun as my job looks through the eyes of Instagram (playing with pretty shoes, hanging out in amazing locations and travelling) it is actually very physical and involves carrying numerous giant suitcases each week as well as very very rarely sitting down- both of which don't mesh well with having a giant belly and waddling. So as I slow down (something I've never been good at) I've decided to put more time and love into this blog that usually gets neglected because I'm too busy running around carrying heavy suitcases and playing with pretty shoes. It will still feature pretty shoes but with a bit more 'depth.'  I hope it's something you will still be interested in and I promise to keep discussing the real problems in life- like why Net-A-Porter doesn't sell baby clothes.

Happy Monday xoxo 

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