Wednesday, 3 June 2015


My sister got married at the weekend. It was beautiful - non fussy and very happy.

 Our instructions as bridesmaids were that we could wear what we wanted but it had to be white. Normally I'm all for that- but knowing I would be 8 months pregnant on the day and not fully knowing how massive I could potentially get it was quite a struggle. As I mentioned before, I ordered a million dresses online. It took a good few try on sessions before I realised that I had to wear something fitted as the ethereal white bohemian bridesmaid look just wasn't going to work. So my mission had guidelines which made it slightly easier. I settled on a simple white dress with off shoulder sleeves- I didn't love it but with only 2 weeks to go I thought it would do.

And then I did some damage to my rib which changed everything. (Another lovely pregnancy symptom....) I couldn't wear a bra as it rested on my rib and was too painful, and I didn't think it was too appropriate to wear a tight white dress in a synagogue with no bra :)

So this is where plan 2 came into action - I obviously still refused to wear a maternity white flutter sleeve dress that goes in above your bump and ties at the back and clings to your bum - you know the type! I needed something to cover my non existent boobs and thought a giant bow was my best option. I wanted the dress to be tight but I looked out of balance with giant bow and giant belly and needed a frill around the bottom to balance my body so I ended up buying 2 dresses, cutting them up and mixing them together. I only actually ended up looking at high street dresses as I didn't see the point in spending a fortune on something I would only wear once- which was lucky as I really hacked the 2 dresses apart. I took the bow and tail of one dress and attached them to a plain boob tube (super stretchy) dress and voila!  Considering this all came together (with the help of my friend Josephine and her lovely sewing machine) about 5 days before the wedding I was quite pleased with the outcome. 

I've just noticed on Instagram that a few people think it was me that got married.... umm awkward. 

Here are few pics from the day... aren't weddings just lovely!

Have you ever seen a more glamorous group of ladies? 

{L-R Mother of the groom, mother of the bride, grandmother of the bride (87 frigging years old!!)}

{Me with my lover}

{The bride & groom}

{The bride climbing into her transport}

{Me with my sisters}


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