Monday, 29 June 2015


Dress; Boohoo // Shoes: Nike // Hat: Boohoo // Sunglasses: Boohoo

I officially started maternity leave on Friday. I feel like it's the end of an era, with a little break in between and then it will be the start of a whole new chapter in life. I've worked for the past 10 years and at the most only taken time off for 10 day holidays, so to just not work for a few weeks is going to be the strangest feeling. I'm not good at doing nothing- but I think it's really important to fully switch off my mind (and oversized sweaty body) before the baby comes and the new chapter starts.

One of my favourite things to do is put on my 'out of office' on my emails when I go on holiday (I know, I sure know how to live!) but this time it feels weird and I'm a little scared to do it. What do I write?? - "See ya, I'm having a baby in the foreseeable future and don't know when I'll get back to you."

So my plan is to spend my days adding things to my 'saved items' on ASOS that I will hopefully be able to wear soon, laying on the couch watching terrible TV and waddling around in this unbearable heat. 

Have a good week xoxo 

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