Monday, 15 June 2015


Jumpsuit: Topshop // Sleeveless duster: Pretty Little Thing // Shoes: Topshop

The last pic is with my 87 year old grandmother who came down for the weekend from Scotland. She is wearing a Marks and Spencers dress with New Look heels and a YSL clutch. I mean, come on, doesn't she look fabulous! 

These sleeveless duster jackets have been my life savers recently - mainly because they mean I can wear giant ugly comfy knickers and no one can tell!

Speaking of ugly comfy knickers- I accomplished something huge last week. I went to Primark. It was a well planned out expedition with my closest chum Debbie. We needed essentials that aren't worth spending money on (like ugly comfy knickers) so thought it would be sensible to go around 6pm midweek and be in and out within the hour. First of all, I got on the tube, which at 8 and half months pregnant is quite a feat. The main problem is that I just don't fit on the tube how I used to... I take up more room and I'm don't really have great spatial awareness these days. I also didn't realise just how much you need to walk when you get the tube - and I struggle to remember how easy it used to be. Me and Uber are now firm BFF's.

Primark wasn't really as horrendous as I anticipated. I wanted basic things I will need for birth and the beginning few weeks (ugly black undies and comfy pj's) which I managed to get. It was the queuing at the end which was just too much... we stood in a long line for about 25 minutes. When I got to the front the cashier said 'Oh you didn't have to queue, we have the till on the end for people who need it.' Umm how about putting a sign up??

Have a good week! 


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