Friday, 12 June 2015


 Shoes Matalan // Necklace: Susan Caplan Vintage // Sunglasses: Toyshades

I'm kinda getting massive aren't I?! I thought I was massive when I was 18 weeks... 

I've not quite run out of clothes yet. I seem to have a remarkable amount of stretch jersey just hanging around in the back of my wardrobe. I got this dress years ago and have probably only worn it once back in 2012  (geez, I was so much more narrow back then!) The shoes are from Matalan. There happens to be a giant Matalan very near my house so whenever I have a fashion emergency (like needing 74 white t shirts for a shoot) I just drive over and always end up picking up a little something for myself. These were £6!

The one piece that I've worn more than anything over the last 8 months is Maternity Shapewear. I've never been a Spanx wearer but use them lots for shoots and preach about them to everyone. I found this one on ASOS and it's been so useful. Really comfortable as it expands over the belly and just smooths down all the new lumps and bumps I've recently acquired.  It's the un-sexiest item in my wardrobe but has made me feel so much better when I leave the house.

Happy weekend xoxo 

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