Monday, 8 June 2015


{Jeans: New Look maternity // Top: Next // Jacket: Nasty Gal // Boots: Marks and Spencer 

I've been a bit obsessed with this top over the last couple of weeks. It just feels so great when all you want to do is breathe and feel airy. It's from Next... not somewhere I normally look but I get sent the look books for seasons ahead and some of the pieces are just so great so I decided to have a wee peak in store recently and found this.

I think I'm having a backwards pregnancy - this weekend I've felt better than I have in the last 8 months and I'm fully into my third trimester when most people feel their worst! The only thing I've been feeling is mass exhaustion which I can handle. Perhaps because I've had a grim 8 months this doesn't seem so bad? It's been hard to focus on the positive whilst I've been feeling rough as all the other symptoms have been so consuming. It's been tough just not being capable of what I physically used to do, but last week I got a telling off from the midwife for overdoing it and I've taken it much much easier these last few days. This past weekend made me focus more on the positive for the first time in a while and I thought I should make a list of what I'm grateful for (and touchwood I don't get cursed with any bad symptoms in my final few weeks!!)

1. I didn't get acne.

2. My feet didn't swell like Kim Kardashians and I can still fit into my shoes. 

3. Although I only noticed it this week, I actually haven't put on too much weight on the rest of my body. I thought I would get a mega chubby face as soon as I fell pregnant. A close male friend of mine made a joke  a few years ago about how he checks to see if a girl has fat arms before going on a date with her. Since I fell pregnant I panicked this would happen to me- I should name and shame him but instead I will channel that into positive energy and be grateful that I can still just about get my arms into my favourite Topshop leather jacket.

4. I'm having a girl!! I'm really happy my Chanel bags will be staying in my family in years to come. Fingers crossed her feet are the same size as mine when she is older as I have a million pairs of shoes that don't get enough wear :)

5. My husband is a real life superhero. His patience has been incredible during my 8 month struggle. Not that I ever doubted it but it just confirms that he will be the best dad. p.s He also learnt how to use the washing machine!

6. People are really nice to pregnant people. I'll miss being asked if I want to go to the front of the post office queue, or having random women stand up for me on the train when smug business men pretend they are reading a paper and don't move from the priority seats when you are so so desperate to sit down. 

Have a lovely week- and if it's not starting too well try to think of what you can be grateful for... there must be something. Geez I sound American - I'm sure I'll go back to my normal moany self soon enough! xoxo 

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