Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Dress: ASOS // Jacket: Miss Guided // Shoes: New Look 

SO naughty- I went out in heels. What a rebel. These are the only heels I've worn pretty much my entire pregnancy. I'M SO EXCITED TO WEAR ALL MY OLD SHOES. 

I had a quick sort out of my wardrobe (this nesting thing is really fun for an OCD freak like me.) I've found that I want to get rid of so many things. I'm making up a trunk of pieces that I know I will never wear but want to keep for my baby for when she is older. My mum and grandmother kept so many pieces that I love to wear. Although it's organised, my wardrobe is really stuffed to the brim so I want to be able to have space to see everything clearly (and have space for new clothes as I haven't been shopping in almost 8 months- who am I??!) So out go the 14 breton striped tops in varying sleeve lengths and shapes, the 6 pairs of black leggings I've never worn but kept buying as they looked like a nice fit at the time, the dresses I've kept just in case I suddenly decide I love them again even though I haven't worn then in 5 years and the wide array of totally plain grey T-shirts that are all pretty much the same. 

I came across an article online that I enjoyed reading. It was an interview with Red's features director Sarah Tomczak about what her 30's taught her. The full article is here but I found the below particularly appropriate this week:

Don't save anything for best
This is true of clothes (be knowingly overdressed, wear something to death, love it, then go shopping again) and also in a general 'live in the moment' way. Make every second count - sprinkle fairy dust on everything. Throw your kids tea parties in the back garden and open champagne for pizza at home with your husband.

Time to go pop Tesco in your finest.
Have a good rest of week xoxo 

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