Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Dress: Miss Guided // Bag: Moschino // Slides: ASOS // Hat: New Look // Shoes: Boohoo

As I write this I'm impatiently waiting for my baby to arrive - it's a really strange process, just sitting and waiting for a life altering moment to happen. I don't want to sound remotely ungrateful as I'm very aware as to how many people struggle to fall pregnant but I also want to be realistic, honest and not sugar-coat it: I've hated being pregnant. I've had symptoms that have been fairly painful/ unpleasant and have affected my day to day life every day for almost 9 months. I had a friend saying she doesn't even feel like she's pregnant- I was so jealous! I think I've just been generally unlucky, I know it all could have been way worse but I hope that a difficult pregnancy means an easy birth and easy baby (positive mental attitude!)

I can't believe how much I've 'expanded' in particular in the last few weeks... I've officially put on 3 stone and almost weigh the same as my 6 foot tall husband (!) The only clothes that fit me now are massive oversized t shirt dresses which also happen to be really comfy and have made it slightly more comfortable in this heat. I've become a bit obsessed with this hat - I love the bow on the back.

Love Gemma, with a fully cooked baby that is desperate to come out xoxo 

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