Monday, 30 March 2015


I love holiday. It's my favourite thing to spend money on. I've never been a drinker, I'm happy wearing high street clothes and I'm not a foodie so fancy restaurants don't float my boat. But holidays are different... I feel like you really benefit from spending your hard earned cash on escaping somewhere lovely and having some peace and quiet. We've been desperate to get away before the baby comes but the usual sickness/ exhaustion didn't sound too appealing with flying so we held off literally until the last minute and booked a trip to Tenerife. It wasn't either of our first choices for holidays but we found two lovely hotels and split the week in half, spending 4 nights at Bahia Del Duque and the last 3 nights in Royal Garden Villas & Spa.

As I have so much to say about the 7 day trip (I like talking.....) I've split it into two posts, so lets call this one 'The first four days.'

This hotel was recommended to us by a few people who have needed a similar kind of trip away (not too long a flight and sunshine for when London gets so grim and cold.) So I stalked Trip Advisor and booked for four nights. First of all, let me say that we usually prefer staying in smaller boutique hotels and this hotel is MASSIVE. When we first arrived we were given a map of the resort and felt like we were in Disneyland, circling where we were sleeping/eating/sun lounging. It was so massive it took us 10 minutes to walk (bear in mind that JB was walking and I was slowly waddling) from our room to get to the gate that leads to the beach. There are 8 restaurants, 4 pools and about 4000 sun loungers to choose from. Surprisingly though, as it seemed fairly busy, the only time you really saw other guests was at breakfast (which was divine-  more of that later.) The grounds were immaculate. We managed to find a different peaceful nook to sit at each day. Our first couple of days were quite cloudy but we were more than happy hiding in our cabana, snoozing and reading and then on the last 2 days the sun was blazing hot.

Our room was cute. Small bedroom, bigger than average bathroom with giant bath and shower, and a quaint little balcony with sun loungers to watch the sun set. It had lovely Spanish d├ęcor, squidgy dressing gowns and a big fancy TV.

We ate 2 of our 4 dinners in the hotel restaurants and the best was at La Hacienda. You need to book roughly a day before but the restaurant is really lovely. Manuel was super helpful and the tuna steak was delicious. 

A couple of nights we ate outside the hotel. This isn't really necessary as you can eat in the hotel each night and have a really different kind of evening. We just fancied a change of scenery and it's nice to walk along the beach at night. Our best meal of the trip was in La Nonna. It's a 5 minute walk from the hotel along the beach. The service was outstanding, both our meals were delicious and there was a man playing guitar next to a wall of fairy lights which was very pretty!

We had breakfast included (always my favourite meal of the day) and it was outstanding. A huge buffet where you had to go back 6 times just in case you missed something. I highly recommend the pancakes (they are thin and crispy- I don't understand people who like fat pancakes.)

Our favourite bit of our 4 days was when we spent the day in the spa. We both had a treatment- I had a 'Mothers Tenderness' massage and facial with a lovely therapist called Raquel. It was utterly amazing. I've never been a massage person (don't really like  people being in my space!) but this was out of this world and I hugely recommend it. We then spent the rest of the day in the Spa area which had the quietest pool in the resort with huge double day beds.

Depending on the type of holiday you like you could easily spend a whole week here, not leave the resort, have each meal in a different restaurant, change pool 3 times a day and be perfectly spoiled & content. 


> Try the pancakes at breakfast

> Eat in La Nonna (come out the beach gates, turn right and then first right up the little hill and you will see it on your left)

> Ask for a room not in the main reception building as it can be fairly noisy at night.

>  There are free bottles of waters in stations all over the hotel

> There is a cafe just outside the beach gates (turn left) that's part of the hotel. It's right on the beach and has a brilliant ice cream shop so is perfect for lunch and has the most divine coconut ice cream. Why does coconut everything taste so much better on holiday??


Bahia Del Duque : 15 minutes in a taxi from Tenerife South airport


{Hand luggage only- check me out!! 3 bikinis, 4 pairs of shoes and a daily outfit change}

{An epic breakfast selection}

{Our balcony view}

{The 'shopping centre' just outside the hotel gates}

{A lovely restaurant over looking the sea}

{A dinner outfit }

{Golf buggys that were waiting at reception to escort you around the resort}

{The deserted but very lovely beach}

{An oversized monochromed chess board with an oversized monochromed Gemma}

{Laying by the pool at the spa- the most peaceful pool out of the 4 pools}

{The spa pool}

{The obligatory holiday ice cream snap}

{Holiday essentials- bikini top: Style Miramur // Pouch: Lisa Bea bags // Shoes: New Look // Striped bottoms: ASOS }

Friday, 27 March 2015


I had to make this weeks 'inspiration' post blue as I've spent my week by the sea. There is something so calming about staring out at the big blue ocean and I love how it makes your mind escape.  I have a long weekend left in the sunshine and then back to the real world. Holidays really are the best therapy

Hope you've had a peaceful week and that the the sun shines wherever you are over the weekend.

Peace out xoxo 

ps I won't be as much of a hippie when I return- most likely will go back to my hormonal preggo self. 

Monday, 23 March 2015


All in one: Topshop // Denim shirt: Topshop // Air Force Ones: Nike // Backpack: Moschino // Lips: Ruby Woo at Mac.

I'm leaving on a jet plane today for a week in the sun. It's been a long (and fairly nauseous/grim) 5 months so didn't think we'd get in a last holiday before officially become real grown ups. Luckily, over the last week or so the symptoms have been subsiding (can't believe it actually took over 5 months- no one told me how hard this would all be!) so last Tuesday night we booked a super last minute trip to Tenerife. Without sounding ungrateful, it's not somewhere I really ever had my heart set on going but it's a 4 hour flight, 25 degrees and mainly sunshine so I'm now really excited to just do absolutely nothing except catch up on sleep for the last time in our lives.

The outfit above is from the weekend. I have a new found love for a unitard- not something I would ever have worn pre-pregnancy but I'm trying to embrace the curves blah blah blah- although a unitard is not so fun when you need to go to the loo once an hour. I got the Moschino backpack as a gift from my lovely girlfriends for my 30th- I frigging love it. 

I'll try not to post too many smug pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Have a good week!


Friday, 20 March 2015


Dungarees: ASOS // Shoes: ASOS // Leather jacket: Muubaa


So let's have a wee chat about going on holiday when your body expands daily. We booked a super last minute holiday last Tuesday to go stay somewhere lovely in the sunshine this coming Monday. I then spent a very traumatic Tuesday evening trying on a bagful of bikinis (do I actually own that many bikinis and were my boobs ever really that small??) After sitting in a huff for half an hour I found one and a half bikinis that are vaguely acceptable but I don't find it acceptable going away for 7 days and wearing the same one and half bikinis every day. I did the usual ASOS snoop which involves adding 74 bikini tops to my 'saved items' list and then found something wrong with 73 of them. I came close to this Melissa Odabash but then realised it was utterly absurd to spend £75 on something I will wear for a total of 36 hours of my life and then resent it forever as the 'ugly swimsuit I wore when I expanded in size daily.' So off I went to Next with my bestest friend Debbie (who gave birth 4 months ago and already looks banging in a swimsuit) to try on some ugly swimwear. It actually wasn't too traumatic an experience. I ended up leaving with this top to bring my 1 and a half bikinis up to 2. 

So I leave in 3 days and have 2 bikinis. Don't even get me started on what I'm going to wear the rest of the time with my pasty legs and swollen feet. 

In the midst of the 'bikini huff' my husband asked if we needed checked bags and I muttered something huffy about not fitting any clothes anyway so will wear the same thing everyday and I could do the 7 days with only hand luggage- I will keep you updated on what I think is one of the biggest mistakes I've possibly ever made... 

Love Gemma xoxo 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Some things that have been on my mind this week and I've now slotted into this post:

1. Swimwear- Booked a very last minute trip to the sun and nothing fits.
2. White dresses- I'm a bridesmaid for my sister in a couple of months and I spend my days looking at dresses when I'm meant to be working. 
3. Inspirational quotes-  Not to be mistaken for cheesy quotes. 

Happy Wednesday xoxo