Monday, 11 January 2016


Hello! Happy 2016. How the heck is it January 11th in 2016???

I've been laying low and really enjoying spending time with my babe. I've learnt a lot about myself in the process and I've worked out what is important to me and what I need to let go of as it's just not worth my energy. Let's just focus on the positives because no one needs to hear me moan today!

1. I can survive on a very very very little amount of sleep and still be a fairly nice person.
2. I can feed my baby with my boobs (how does this even happen???)
3. I, along with my superhero husband, have been responsible for keeping a tiny human being alive and we've done a fairly good job of it if I may say so myself.
4. My house is tidy, I get dressed each morning and I have at least 10 minutes of fresh air a day. These things might not be important to some people but to me, not being able to do these things was something that I had a fear about before I had the baby so to be able to do them makes me feel really good.

Ok enough baby chit chat (it's very consuming isn't it!) Here is what I wore to a wedding recently. The requiremements for an outfit these days are pretty steep - black so you can't see when my boobs leak (sexy!) Easy access so I can express half way through the day and high waisted so that odd line that appeared on my stomach during pregnancy is covered up. I loved this 2 piece from Lavish Alice. I added this silver drop lariat necklace from the new collection by Susan Caplan and my favourite Charlotte Olympia heels.

Do I win an award for being the whitest person in all of the land??

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