Friday, 19 February 2016


I treated myself yesterday to some nice undies. I realised that now my wee babe is almost 7 months old so I've been wearing maternity bras for 7 months. Sexy huh? Mainly for practicality over comfort but they are just so comfy. And black. So they don't look too horrendous. Ok now I've convinced myself that maternity bras are sexy. Uh oh, I think it's about time I moved on. 

The past month has been consumed as always with Belle. I keep saying I'm going to blog more often but who am I kidding - once a month is as good as it's going to get at the moment I guess.  I feel more like myself now but I'm surprised it's taken so long. I used to think that as long as I can fit back into my skinny leather trousers I would feel normal, but when I managed to get back into them a few months ago I still didn't feel myself. It turns out shopping malls are the best place to go with babies, in particular Westfield which has numerous hiding places to get my boobs out, brilliant baby changing rooms and if you go from the car park and do a loop of all the favourite shops then the baby can have a good 2 hour nap which is wonderful! But whilst on these shopping trips I would find that nothing looked or felt good. I don't know what it is - body shape changing, grease-ball hair, dry skin blah blah blah moan moan moan. But when I hit that 6 month mark I started to feel more myself - although I wish I didn't get my hair cut as I think mermaid hair would have made me feel much better. 

I've never been into make up but while my Instagram obsession grows (seriously, what did our parents do while they were breastfeeding- I don't know what I would do without Instagram!) I keep finding these girls who are unreal at doing make up. Take a look at some of HudaBeauty's videos, all this contour malarkey is like art. It's not my style but I find it fascinating to watch. 

Things I'm loving this month:

1. Total Divas on E! Don't judge me, I get such joy from watching utter rubbish on TV when I get a spare half hour.

2. Stalking all the New York Fashion Week pics. I'm escaping from motherhood over the next few days to get in some London Fashion Week shows and I'm excited.

3. I taught little Belle how to drink from a sippy cup and I'm kinda proud of myself.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

Dungarees: ASOS // Shoes: Monki 


  1. Love the grey shoes, very nice :) No judgement here I LOVE Total Divas too! and well done for the sappy cup, i think thats a huge achievement, next holding a spoon :) (

  2. Your shoes are amazing. I always love silver thing. My homecoming dresses are all silver.

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